Melania Trump caught on camera swatting away husband Donald as he tries to hold her hand

It’s been just over four months since Donald Trump celebrated his inauguration as President of the United States – which also happens to mark the date people became concerned for the welfare of his ‘sad’ wife Melania.

The drastic change in her facial expression behind his back sparked fear for the former model, launching the ‘sad Melania’ meme, and ever since the world has been watching her closely.

Now they’ve got something new to talk about after the pair arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv today as part of their first trip overseas.

Footage filmed as the President and First Lady disembarked from their plane in Israel shows Trump holding out his hand behind him as if he’s encouraging his wife to grasp it.

Don’t leave him hanging, Mel

Trump’s hand lingers behind him for a few seconds before wife Melania does a swift flick of the wrist and swats his fingers away from her.

His hand recoils and he continues walking as if nothing happened.

It’s so subtle and her movements so seamless, anyone would miss it – but luckily for us, it was captured on camera.

The moment the hands make contact

When the footage is slowed down, it becomes apparent she hit his hand away from her.

Why wouldn’t she want to hold his hand on arrival in the country? It’s unclear. Perhaps she’s one of these people who don’t like holding hands with their partners in public.

Melania is all smiles as she stands by her husband (Photo: Getty Images North America)

That can’t be right, as she seems happy enough to hold his hand here.

Or perhaps she just doesn’t need a man to hold her hand, being the strong, independent woman she is.

Maybe he ate her peanuts on the plane and she’s still annoyed with him about it.

Or she knew his hands would be sweaty in the middle-eastern heat.

Footage of ‘sad Melania’ went viral in January after her facial expressions changed drastically behind her husband’s back.

After days of analysing the footage, people appeared to work out what was actually going on with Melania’s mood.

If you watch the clip closely, Trump turns to look behind him and his wife smiles at him excitedly – until she realises he’s actually turned to talk to his daughter, Ivanka, who many have labelled the ‘real First Lady’ of the United States.

This hand swat is not the first time Melania Trump has almost got away with a subtle movement to control her husband’s behaviour.

At the annual Easter Egg hunt she had to remind her husband to raise his hand to his heart while the national anthem was being sung.

How? A sly nudge in his side seemed to do the trick.

She certainly seems to have mastered conveying these subtle messages to her husband – it’s just unfortunate for her that all cameras are trained on her behaviour.

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